Can You Install a Grab Bar in a Fiberglass Shower?

Bathroom safety is a top priority for many, especially when it comes to making spaces more accessible for individuals with disabilities or the elderly. When you have a fiberglass shower, installing essential accessories like grab bars may seem challenging due to their unique construction and material.

However, with the right tools and proper installation, it’s possible to securely install grab bars in your fiberglass shower or bathtub. We’ll explore various solutions such as the U.S. Patented Solid Mount™ and no-drill options that make the installation process easier and safer for everyone involved.

Challenges and Solutions Installing Grab Bars in Fiberglass Showers

Installing grab bars in fiberglass showers can be challenging due to limited space and mounting difficulties, but solutions like The Solid Mount™, special glues, and no-drill options exist for safe and secure installation.

Limited Space And Mounting Difficulties

Limited space and mounting difficulties are common challenges faced when installing grab bars in fiberglass shower stalls. 

Fiberglass showers often have a small gap between the shower unit and the wall frame, which can make it difficult to securely mount fasteners for grab bars through the “air space” behind the fiberglass.

Imagine trying to install a grab bar on a thin fiberglass wall with no access to sturdy studs or support beams within close proximity. The task becomes daunting as you risk cracking or damaging the delicate surface while attempting to attach your accessibility equipment securely.

In instances like these, innovative solutions such as using the patented The Solid Mount™ system or other mounting anchors specially designed for use in limited spaces become essential.

Using Solid Mount™, Special Glues, or Suction Cup Grab Bars

One of the primary challenges when installing grab bars in fiberglass showers is finding a secure and safe mounting solution. 

The Solid Mount™ offers an excellent option for overcoming this obstacle, as it securely installs through a 2″ diameter hole drilled directly into the fiberglass wall.

In addition to Solid Mount, there are other specialty options available such as special glues and no-drill brackets. These adhesive-based solutions can be particularly useful if you’re hesitant about drilling holes into your shower walls. However, they won’t offer the same level of stability. 

Strong adhesives like Sikaflex or Liquid Nails combined with compatible mounting brackets can securely attach grab bars to the surface without causing damage to the fiberglass material.

No-drill options like suction cup grab bars may also work well in certain situations; however, they often cannot bear heavy loads and should only be used as supplementary supports instead of a primary safety feature. They might not be safe. 

Proper Installation Of Grab Bars In Fiberglass Showers

Proper installation of grab bars in fiberglass showers involves selecting the right location and weight capacity, following manufacturer instructions, and seeking professional assistance if necessary.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

When it comes to installing grab bars in fiberglass showers, following the manufacturer’s instructions is obvious but essential. These instructions will provide guidance on weight capacity, location selection, and proper installation techniques.

Some manufacturers may recommend using specific tools or adhesives for mounting.

Ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions can lead to a poorly installed grab bar that won’t provide adequate support when it’s needed. It’s important to note that improper installation of grab bars can cause damage to the fiberglass shower walls and will compromise their integrity over time.

Seek Professional Assistance

While installing grab bars in a fiberglass shower may seem like a simple DIY project, it’s important to recognize when professional assistance is necessary. If you’ve never attempted any bathroom DIY projects yourself, it might be worth contacting a professional.

This is especially true for individuals who are not experienced with handling tools, or might not know what to look for at a hardware store when it comes time for installation. 

Proper installation of grab bars requires precision and accuracy in placement, proper weight capacity calculations, and selection of proper mounting equipment.

Moreover, consulting with occupational therapists or healthcare providers can provide valuable insights regarding the most suitable location(s) for grab bar placement based on an individual’s specific needs if it is being installed to accommodate a disability. 

Advantages of Grab Bars in Fiberglass Showers

Installing grab bars in fiberglass showers provides added safety and support. Whether you are an elderly person, a caregiver, living with a disability, or just simply want to prevent any slip-related accidents – grab bars are an essential component of a safe shower. 

In addition to providing extra safety and security, grab bars also offer accessibility features that make them ideal for those with disabilities or mobility issues. Grab bars act as support rails, allowing people to maintain balance while moving around the shower or bath.

Lastly, installing grab bars may also add a level of convenience – they can easily double up as towel racks if placed strategically.


Installing a grab bar in a fiberglass shower can be a challenging task – but not impossible. With the right tools and techniques, you can ensure that your bathroom is safe and accessible.

Consider using The Solid Mount™ as the only patented mounting bracket designed specifically for fiberglass showers, or consider glue options for secure attachment to sturdy fiberglass walls. Always follow manufacturer instructions and seek professional assistance if necessary.

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