Active mind + Active body = Healthy senior

No matter what age you are, regular physical activity can improve your life.


10 Things About Aging That No One Talks About: The Unspoken Challenges

As we age, the changes in our lives can be physical and emotional. From physical to mental and social to financial challenges – aging is an inevitable part of life, but it can also bring about unexpected surprises.  In this blog post, I will be discussing 10 things about aging that no one talks about,…

Mobility Devices

Why Is My Mobility Scooter Losing Power Uphill? How to Fix

Do you have a mobility scooter that keeps losing power when going uphill? Have you ever been in the middle of a journey when your mobility scooter suddenly lost power while climbing an incline? It can be a discouraging and hazardous situation when your mobility scooter unexpectedly loses power while ascending an incline. This article…


10 Top Podcasts for Seniors in 2023: Stay Connected and Informed

Feeling bored and disconnected from the world? Wish there was a way to stay informed and entertained without leaving your house? Well, have you ever considered listening to a podcast? Podcasts are like personalized radio shows you can listen to anytime, anywhere. They cover everything from politics to pop culture and can be a great…


What is a Knee Scooter? (Benefits of a Knee Walker for Mobility)

A knee scooter is a revolutionary device that can provide individuals with mobility and independence. But how are these beneficial for mobility?  This article will explore the advantages of using a knee scooter, from increased stability and safety when walking outdoors to improved comfort levels during recovery.  So, if you’re considering investing in a knee…