Active mind + Active body = Healthy senior

No matter what age you are, regular physical activity can improve your life.


Tablet or Laptop for Seniors? Which Is Better for a Senior’s Computer Needs?

Seniors are sometimes ridiculed for shunning technology advancements. Typically, seniors are seen as incapable of grasping technology, which explains why they avoid it.  However, such assumptions are utterly inaccurate. Most seniors are now embracing the convenience that comes with modern technology, including computers. Regardless of your mastery level, you can’t dispute the significance of computers…


Senior Gamers – Gaming Habits and Benefits For Older People

Gaming has grown in popularity, from a niche segment of computer-knowledgeable people to a massive percentage of the population. And that percentage of the population is not just composed of youngsters. Senior gamers are more and more common. Gaming Is More Popular Than Ever: Especially For Seniors Forty-two percent of gamers are over 35 years…


Older People Stereotypes: Myths and Stereotypes of Aging

Many people fear getting older, but their trepidations are based on myths and stereotypes rather than facts. These cultural misconceptions about aging can cause profound mental anguish and even detract from the beauty of the experience. Below, read about some of the most common myths about aging and stereotypes about the elderly. That way, we…

Mobility Devices

Do Mobility Scooters Need Insurance? (Does Home Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?)

Mobility scooters are prone to damage, malfunctions, and theft. This leaves many people wondering if insurance is worth it or do mobility scooters need insurance.  Insurance can be tricky, as mobility scooters cannot get insured like automobiles since they don’t drive on roads. However, there are some options to choose from if you need peace…

Mobility Devices

How Long it Takes to Charge an Electric Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs have created a world of freedom for those with mobility issues. However, not everyone has the strength to roll a wheelchair, so electric wheelchairs have filled a need. Like many other electronic devices, electric wheelchairs must be charged regularly – primarily if the chair receives routine use. With the many options available, you may…