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4 Best Mobility Scooters for Tall Person (You Are Over Six Feet?)

Buying a mobility scooter for a tall person can be a true challenge. Most scooters are not designed for people measuring six feet and up, making it hard for tall people to find comfort and stability with their scooters. In choosing the best mobility scooter for a tall person, you should consider several features, including…

Mobility Devices

Can I Use a Mobility Scooter in All Weather Conditions (Snow, Rain Extreme Heat)?

Do mobility scooters work well in BAD weather conditions? Are they SAFE enough to ride in snow, rain, sleet, hail, and freezing temperatures? Yes, mobility scooters can withstand all sorts of weather conditions.  But there are many questions surrounding mobility scooters. Some say they’re not safe in bad weather. Others claim they’re perfectly fine. Read…

Mobility Devices

How Far Can A Mobility Scooter Go? [+ Tips For Best Models]

There are several reasons a person might need a mobility scooter. But no matter your needs, there’s a critical question you need to ask: HOW far can a mobility scooter go?  There’s no worse feeling than being out on the town, reveling in the voices of joy and celebration, and suddenly feeling your scooter stop…

Mobility Devices

Mobility Scooter Types Explained – Which Is Best For You?

For those struggling with limited mobility issues, a mobility scooter can provide freedom to explore their world. But with many different TYPES of mobility scooters, it may be challenging to determine which one will best meet your needs.  Let’s take a closer look at the mobility scooter types so you can choose the perfect one…

Mobility Devices

How to Drive a Mobility Scooter? Learn To Operate It With Ease!

Mobility scooters can be helpful pieces of technology, ferrying you around with style and physical ease. Still, they can also be quite CHALLENGING to use if you aren’t familiar with the controls. It’s important to reflect on this question of how to drive a mobility scooter. They are increasingly widely used, but studies show that…

Mobility Devices

Power Wheelchair Vs. Mobility Scooter – What’s The Difference?

Your mobility device is essential to your health and quality of life. Knowing as much as you can about the devices available is equally essential.  This article examines the difference between a power wheelchair and a mobility scooter and their use cases. We will help you choose which device is right for you and your…