How To Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair? (Can You Use Home Scale?)

People in wheelchairs often have to keep track of their weight for health reasons. But it is not easy to weigh someone in a wheelchair, so the question, “How to weigh someone in a wheelchair?” often arises.

Monitoring the weight of someone in a wheelchair is key to reducing unnecessary health problems. Read on to learn how to weigh someone in a wheelchair.

What To Consider Before Weighing Someone in a Wheelchair

There are a few considerations you ought to think about before weighing someone in a wheelchair. Some of these considerations are:

  • Scales you are using
  • Space available for weighing
  • Availability of help


Weighing someone in a wheelchair is usually done using scales. Get the right scales for weighing to make the process easier. Additionally, the type of scale you use can improve the accuracy of the reading.

Medical scales are better because they are easy to use if you are alone. Portable weight scales are also convenient if you measure your weight without help.

Spaces Available for Weighing

Before the weighing process, choose a suitable space to place your scale. A well-spaced area to weigh someone in a mobility device allows for greater safety. It’s important if the person in the wheelchair is in pain or discomfort.

If You Have Help

Weighing yourself can be more challenging if you are alone. Having help can ensure safety and eliminate risks such as falling off the wheelchair. 

But this does not mean that you can’t weigh yourself alone. For instance, you do not need help using a medical scale.

The Weighing Process

The weighing process can occur at home or at the doctor’s office. If you are getting weighed by your doctor, you don’t have to worry about learning how to weigh yourself. But learning how to weigh someone in a wheelchair is important if you want to keep track of your weight at home.

The weighing process will vary based on the type of scale you use. If you are using a chair scale, take the following steps:

  • Lift the person you want to weigh gently from their chair
  • Ensure you hold the person with one hand on the back and the other on their knees
  • Ensure the chair scales are not moving to minimize the risk of falling
  • Place the person gently on the scale
  • Check the reading on the scale

You can also use a chair scale to weigh yourself without help. This process is simpler because it only requires lifting yourself up and sitting on the chair scale. 

The process for measuring weight using a wheelchair scale usually follows these steps:

  • First, determine the weight of the wheelchair
  • Place the scale on a flat surface, as an uneven surface might interfere with the reading
  • Roll the wheelchair onto the scale and check the reading
  • Ensure the wheels are immovable when measuring your weight

Wheelchair scales are the best weighing solution for someone in a wheelchair. This is because it is not time-consuming and safe. Some scales automatically include the chair’s weight so that you get an accurate reading when weighing.

You can also measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) and height by visiting the hospital. The BMI is a useful indicator for measuring weight and the risk of obesity.

Can You Use Home Scales To Measure Weight?

You do not have to take your loved one to a healthcare professional to measure their weight. Measuring the weight of someone in a wheelchair at home is better because:

  • You can save time
  • Comfort and convenience
  • The person in the wheelchair can take their weight independently
  • The scales are easy to use and portable

People in wheelchairs deserve all the autonomy they can get. Using a home scale can help them get a bit of that, and they can measure their weight anytime they want. 

Additional Tips When Weighing Someone in a Wheelchair

If you use a wheelchair scale, enter a known value when you press the TARE button. Doing this allows you to eliminate the machine’s weight from the reading. Using a chair scale is much easier than using a wheelchair scale.

You can determine the weight of the device from the instructions manual. The wheelchair’s manufacturer may have the weight information of the chair on their website. 

Some scales allow you to calculate the BMI of the person in the wheelchair. You will have to enter the person’s height into the scale manually.

Final Thoughts

“How to weigh someone in a wheelchair?” is a fairly simple question. The primary way to measure the weight of someone in a wheelchair is through scales. 

Whatever process you decide to use to measure weight, ensure that wheelchair safety comes first. Follow the steps above, and consult a health professional if you encounter any challenges.

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