Brave Stranger Fends Off Driver’s Attacker With Cane

(April 14, 2017) An unidentified man with a walking cane was the unwitting hero of an attack on a bus driver in Kansas City, Missouri.

It was the early hours of a Saturday morning when a uniform bus ride took an unfortunate turn.

An erratic passenger approached the bus driver at the bus stop and wrapped his hands around her neck. Noticing this, a passenger on the bus rushes to the driver’s defense, armed only with a walking cane.

The rescuer repeatedly struck the assailant with his cane until the attacker left the bus. The police arrived at the scene shortly and arrested the offender.

So you can say that a walking cane is a best friend forever for a senior citizen 🙂

All of the footage was caught on camera but the hero of the story was unable to be identified.


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