Best Walking Canes – 11 Top Models To Stay Balanced

This is our review of the best walking canes in 2021.

A cane improves your balance and helps you compensate for an injury or disability. But how do you find the best cane?

Maybe you are choosing a cane for yourself or one of your parents or inlaws? I was in that situation because I had to fit my parents with a cane when they needed support for their daily activities.

There are many different types of canes you can choose from. Even though they are not always the most aesthetically pleasing devices, they can keep you safe when walking.

If you are looking for the best cane to give you confidence in daily life, HurryCane Freedom Edition is our choice.

But which cane is best suited to your needs? Read on – I’ve been scouting the market, reading the manuals and reviews, and picked the selection of 11 top canes for stability, safety, and style this year.

Let’s get started.

Our Best Canes for Seniors

11 Best Walking Canes Reviewed

Below you’ll find what we think are the best walking canes available to help with your stability problems in daily activities.

1. HurryCane Freedom Edition

HurryCane HCANE-BK-C2 Freedom Edition Foldable Walking Cane with T Handle, Original Black

  • Handle: T-Handle
  • Base: Triangle
  • Height: Adjustable 30.5″ – 37.5″ (77 – 95 centimeters)
  • Weight: 1 pound (450 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds (160 kilograms)
  • Stability: Medium
  • Specialties: Pivoting base, foldable
  • Best for: Overall

HurryCane Freedom Edition is one of the top-selling canes on Amazon.

The cane comes with an ergonomic but hard rubber handle, which could be more comfortable. You can buy a softer accessory handle (HurryCane Heavenly Handle) that fits over the existing handle. It makes the original handle wider for a more comfortable grip giving your hands more of a break.

The pivoting base has three points of contact. The pivot keeps the legs locked on the ground but allows for flexible movement. This flexibility helps when walking on rough and uneven ground.

HurryCane HCANE-BK-C2 Freedom Edition Foldable Walking Cane with T Handle, Original Black

But one thing to note about the base. This cane can typically stand on its own on a flat and hard surface, not on a soft carpet, as the base is relatively small. Many people have commented on this cane being unable to stand by itself. Therefore, if you have issues with kneeling or picking up items, the HurryCane may not be your best option. 

It has a wrist wrap to eliminate the problem as it helps your cane from falling when you need to use both hands for something.

The cane weighs around 1 pound and can be adjusted from 30.5 to 37.5 inches with eight different height adjustment options.

The folding design makes it easy to transport and travel with. It folds up to three segments to around 14″. And it comes with a travel bag.

HurryCane has the number one spot as it is light, easy to handle, you can adjust the height, and the price is fair. All in all, it is versatile. This cane claims to be all-terrain, and it lives up to these claims well.

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2. DMI Deluxe Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane

DMI Sports Walking Cane and Stick for Adult Men & Women, Lightweight & Adjustable, FSA and HSA Eligible, Supports up to 250 Pounds with Ergonomic Soft Foam Offset Hand Grip and Wrist Strap, Silver
  • Handle: Offset
  • Base: Single Tip
  • Height: Adjustable 30″ – 39″ (76 – 96 centimeters)
  • Weight: 0,55 pounds (250 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds (115 kilograms)
  • Stability: Medium
  • Specialties: Offset design
  • Best for: Budget

DMI Deluxe has an offset handle, which helps distribute your weight evenly along the cane’s shaft. 

The grip is made of hard plastic with ergonomic ridges, which might be somewhat hard on the hands. On the other hand, ridges help keep your hands from slipping off, and hard plastic is easy to keep clean.

The wrist strap is attached to the handle by a small key ring.

It has a rubber tip at the bottom to keep it from sliding around.

The cane is lightweight and can be adjusted from 30 to 39 inches with a snap adjustment button in 1-inch increments.

DMI Deluxe is a durable cane for an affordable price. This cane is cheap enough to get an extra one as a backup to keep in a car, bathroom, or bedroom. 

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3. Nova Medical Products Orthopedic Cane

NOVA Medical Products Palm Grip Orthopedic Handle Walking Cane for Left Hand, Lightweight and Adjustable, Color Black
  • Handle: Ergonomic
  • Base: Single Tip
  • Height: Adjustable 29.75″ – 38.75″ (76 – 96 centimeters)
  • Weight: 1 pound (250 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (115 kilograms)
  • Stability: Medium
  • Specialties: Ergonomic handle
  • Best for: Hand Support

The ergonomic handle of Nova Medical Products Orthopedic Cane helps relieve pressure and hand fatigue. It distributes pressure evenly across your palm, making it more comfortable to use for long periods.

It kind of sits in hand, meaning you don’t drop it so much.

The grip design is genius if you walk a great deal and have symptoms or weaknesses in your hand or wrist.

The grip is molded for your right or left hand, so be sure to order the correct model!

Nova is lightweight but sturdy cane. It is perfect for balancing when exiting a vehicle or scaling a curb. It adjusts from 29.75″ to 38.75″ for approximate user height 4’11” – 6″ 4″.

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4. Asterom Handmade Wooden Walking Cane

Asterom Walking Cane - Handmade Ergonomic, Canes for Men - Wooden Walking Cane, Walking Sticks for Seniors, Unique, Wood Canes (Walnut, 36 Inch)
  • Handle: Derby
  • Base: Single Tip
  • Height: 36″ (91 centimeters), but you can shorten it by sawing
  • Weight: around 1 pounds (450 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds (181 kilograms)
  • Stability: Medium
  • Specialties: Made from wood
  • Best for: Style

Asterom Handmade Wooden Walking Cane is hand-carved from solid oak. It has a Derby handle, no headpiece, but its craftsmanship is superb. It has raving reviews on Amazon about build quality.

And although it’s stylish, most users find that the handle is comfortable. Cane fits for both men and women.

The handle and shaft can be separated. They are put together with a long screw.

It comes with an interchangeable rubber tip. You can replace it with any other 7/8″ tip (including a quad cane tip).

As the cane is made from wood, you can shorten it, but note, you can also order No products found..

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5. Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane

Hugo 731-850 Adjustable Quad Walking Cane, Black

  • Handle: Offset
  • Base: Four point base
  • Height: Adjustable 30″ – 39″ (76 – 96 centimeters)
  • Weight: 2 pounds (910 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (115 kilograms)
  • Stability: Maximum
  • Specialties: Self-standing
  • Best for: Maximum stability

Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane is designed for men and women and right or left-hand use. You can turn the base 180 degrees to change hands.

A four-point base provides additional traction on hardwood and tile floors, and it works well on uneven and sandy surfaces.

Hugo 731-850 Adjustable Quad Walking Cane, Black

The offset handle adds even more stability and support. 

One problem we found with this cane is that the grip is not so easy to replace. Most reviews share that the grip is good, but the possibility to change the grip would be ideal since it is always a personal preference how it fits in your hand. 

With an adjustable height of 30″ to 39″ with 11 height settings, users from 5′ to 6’4″ should have no issues with this Hugo cane.

If you have balance problems, this is the best cane for stability.

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6. DMI Adjustable Designer Cane with Offset Handle

Briggs Offset Foam Grip, Offset Cane, Purple Flowers

  • Handle: Offset
  • Base: Single tip
  • Height: Adjustable 30″ – 39″ (76 – 96 centimeters)
  • Weight: 0.75 pounds (340 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds (115 kilograms)
  • Stability: Moderate
  • Specialties: Stylish with a lot of color options
  • Best for: Moderate stability

DMI Adjustable Designer Cane has an offset handle with foam grip and an easy on-off strap. A curve near the handle relieves the pressure on joints and wrists by spreading bodyweight evenly.

It’s perfect for seniors with moderate mobility problems.

It is extremely light yet very tough and adjustable for 30″ – 39″ with 1″ increments.

DMI Cane is made from anodized aluminum, and it has colored patterns to choose from. Some reviews share that the patterns and colors were not what they expected, so be careful checking the larger images on Amazon.

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7. HealthSmart Folding Walking Cane

HealthSmart Folding Walking Stick, Soft Comfort Grip Collapsible Walking Stick, Adjustable Folding Walking Cane, Lavender

  • Handle: T-handle
  • Base: Single tip
  • Height: Adjustable 33″ – 37″ (84 – 94 centimeters)
  • Weight: 0.75 pounds (340 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds (115 kilograms)
  • Stability: Mild
  • Specialties: Foldable design
  • Best for: Mild stability / occasional use

HealthSmart Folding Walking Cane folds up into a small storage sleeve. It’s ideal for you if you don’t need a cane all the time but still want to carry it around in case the need for it arises. You can even take it around in a shoulder bag. And it slips easily into a dresser drawer for storage.

An ergonomically shaped soft gel grip maintains comfort for prolonged use, and there is also a wrist strap.

Height is adjustable from 33″ to 37″. Some reviews state that it is difficult to adjust, as the button was difficult to push in. Also, if you are quite short, this cane may not be suitable for your height needs.

Another issue that might come up is a “clacking” noise with each touch to the ground, which is more typical for folding canes than other canes. A locking ring should stop that rattle but maybe do it carefully when tightening it.

All in all, this HealthSmart cane can be taken with you wherever you go as you can easily fold it up, but it still gives you enough support for shorter walks.

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8. BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light

BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light,Pivoting Quad Base,Adjustable Walking Stick with Carrying Bag for Men/Women

  • Handle: T-handle
  • Base: Small 4-point pivot base
  • Height: Adjustable, Small 30″ – 35″ (76 – 89 centimeters), large 33″ – 38″ (84 – 96 centimeters)
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds (590 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (115 kilograms)
  • Stability: Mild
  • Specialties: LED light, foldable
  • Best for: Travel

BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light has a couple of specialties.

First, you can choose from small or large sizes. Both are adjustable with five height levels:

  • The smaller one is from 30″ to 35″, and it’s suitable for people from 4’10” to 5’8″ (147 to 175 cm).
  • The larger one goes from 33″ to 38″. It should be suitable if you are from 5’5″ to 6’3″ (167 to 190 cm).

Second, it comes with a LED light. It lights up the area where you are heading, preventing falls and identifying those lurking around you. And if you get up during the night, the light is there to help you. Reviews share that light is bright and beneficial, but it might break if the cane falls. And the light is built into the handle and cannot be replaced.

Third, the base is a small multi-pad base with a pivoting leg. It supports enough all-terrain, even on sand, which is good if you travel with this cane.

BigAlex cane is easy to travel with: it’s lightweight, folds up to small space, and built-in light is always there with you when you are out at night.

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9. Nova Heavy Duty Walking Cane with Offset Handle

NOVA Heavy Duty Walking Cane with Offset Handle, 500 lb. Weight Capacity, Bariatric & Lightweight Adjustable Walking Stick with Carrying Strap, Black

  • Handle: Offset
  • Base: Single tip
  • Height: Adjustable 30″ – 39″ (76 – 99 centimeters)
  • Weight: 1 pound (450 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds (226 kilograms)
  • Stability: Mild
  • Specialties: Sturdy
  • Best for: Heavy duty

Nova Heavy Duty Walking Cane with Offset Handle is a sturdy cane with a huge weight capacity. It adjusts from 30″ to 39″ (76 – 99 centimeters) for approximate user heights 4’11” – 6’4″ (150 – 193 cm), so it’s suitable for the larger user. It’s one of the most adjustable canes on the market.

A locking knob provides additional safety and prevents cane rattle noise.

Offset handle with a soft foam grip is ideal for the wrist and comfortable on the hands. 

And being a heavy-duty cane, it is available in surprisingly stylish colors and patterns in addition to the basic black and silver.

NOVA Medical Products Designer Heavy Duty Walking Design Cane with Offset Handle, Maui Flowers

Although few reviews share that the grip slides off and around the handle, Nova Heavy Duty Cane gets fantastic reviews from users. 

As one of the most highly rated, this cane also gets our nod on one of the best canes. If you feel more comfortable with a heavy-duty cane, the Nova cane is a highly rated one.

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10. Drive Medical Folding Adjustable Cane Seat

Drive Medical RTL10365-ADJ Adjustable Lightweight Folding Cane with Seat, Black

  • Handle: Offset
  • Base: Three legs
  • Height: Adjustable Seat Height: 19” – 22”, Cane Height 34” – 38”
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds (590 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds (113 kilograms)
  • Stability: Mild
  • Specialties: Seat
  • Best for: Cane with seat

Drive Medical Seat Cane transforms from a walking cane to a three-legged stool in moments. 

There are trade-offs. Weight capacity of 250 pounds is slightly lower than in traditional canes, and the seat is for temporary use as its diameter is 9 inches, so it won’t accommodate larger users.

Anyway, if you’re happy with the size, you’ll have a place to rest if you go somewhere where seating is not a sure thing. 

This Drive Medical seat cane requires a certain amount of physical conditioning. It is perfect for the elderly who are reasonably physically fit and want an additional option to a regular cane.

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11. Drive Medical Hemi Walker

Drive Medical Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker, Chrome, Adult

  • Handle: Horizontal
  • Base: Four legs
  • Height: Adjustable height 29.5” – 37”
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds (500 grams)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds (136 kilograms)
  • Stability: Maximum
  • Specialties: Four legs
  • Best for: Maximum stability

Hemi Walker is not a cane in the same way as others, but it’s worth mentioning, as it’s more stable and safe to lean on with one hand. It’s meant for slow, deliberate steps for those who need extra support. 

Drive Medical Hemi Walker weighs only 1.1 pounds, which is helpful since you operate it with only one hand. It’s also easy to fold up with one hand.

The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, and it’s durable, so it’s safe to lean on for bigger people.

The height is adjustable from 29.5″ to 37″, which is comfortable for most people.

Drive Medical Hemi Walker is ideal for users who do not require a walker but need more support than a walking cane can offer.

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Guide For Choosing The Best Walking Canes

Guide For Choosing The Best Walking Cane

If you were anything like me at all, you probably never thought twice about walking canes until you needed to go out and buy one. Only after you were forced into taking action did you probably realize just how much there is to learn about this topic. 

When shopping for the best cane, you need to consider several factors.

What to Look for in a Walking Cane

  • Stability – Physicians can help you decide how much stability you need and what type of cane is best for your needs. Choose the cane that gives you the right amount of support without being too heavy and clumsy.
  • Durability – Choose a cane that is durable but not too heavy.
  • Comfortable – If you use the cane all the time, the grip should be comfy and soft to prevent any symptoms on your hand.

Types of Canes

There are several types of canes, each tailored to suit specific needs. And there are many ways to categorize canes.

Bear in mind that different brands combine these characteristics differently. For example, a cane might have an offset handle and quad-tip, and it can be foldable.


Let’s look at the basic types of handles first.

Hook Handle

A hook-shaped handle is a traditional design based on the shepherd’s crook. When not in use, you can rest the cane on your arm from the handle. 

Offset Handle

The specific angle of the handle allows taking some of the pressure off of the wrist. As such, it is best suited to individuals who have wrist problems or are unable to grip their canes well.

Orthopedic Handle

Thanks to the design of the handle, the pressure is evenly distributed on the palm. This way, there is less stress placed on your wrist.

Choosing the handle is mostly about personal preference. An orthopedic handle is typically one that a physician would recommend as it gives more support.

Ergonomics of a grip

Cane grips can be thin, thick, padded, firm, T-shaped, L-shaped, or rounded. Grip choice is generally a matter of personal preference. You need to change the grip if you feel numbness or pain in your hand or fingers. 

A good grip will prevent joint deformities and unnecessary stress. It is essential if you have hand arthritis. Look for a soft foam grip if you use the cane all the time. 

Those with arthritis or chronic joint pain, who find their fingers challenging to grasp, probably prefer a larger grip.

A physical therapist can help you select the perfect grip based on your unique situation.

MABIS Cane Replacement Hand Grip, Cane Handle Grip, Black Foam

You can easily find replacement grips on Amazon.

Tip of the Cane

Let’s look at the other end of the cane next. These are the most common types of cane tips.

Single tip

Make sure that the rubber on the tip is sticky to prevent it from slipping on hard surfaces. It might slide when the rubber gets old.

Check tips often and get a replacement tip if they look worn.

PCP Replacement Cane Tips, 3/4 inch / 1.9 cm Diameter (Gray, Two Tips), Black, 3/4-Inch Diameter

Carex Cane Ice Tip, 0.4 Pound

A pivoting ice tip like this Carex Cane Ice Tip that you can remove inside is a good idea in cold climates or icy areas.

Quad tip

The quad-tip has four contact points. It’s stable, so people that are weak or a little shaky usually like these better. Quad cane can stand on its own.

The shaft of the cane should not be in the middle of the base. When it is offset more to one side, your feet are farther away from the tips so that you don’t bump your toe against them and fall.

The negative side of quad cane is that if you want to walk fast, the base is hard to move with your walking. The movement doesn’t flow like with a single tip cane. 

A quad cane is best for someone who will walk slowly with deliberate steps, as you can place the cane in its place, and it stays there to support you. Here you can find out more about quad canes.


Triangle is an intermediate form of a single point and a quad cane. Compared to the base of a quad cane, it is much smaller and flexible, with three contact points. Hurrycane brand is well-known for this type of cane.

Triangle can typically stand on its own on a flat and hard surface but not on a soft carpet. It’s not as supportive as a quad cane. 

Other options

Folding Canes

Folding canes offer more versatility as you can take them with you as you travel. You can simply fold it up and put it away on a plane, train, or car.

This is also a good option if you do not have much room in your home or use the cane too often.

Seat Canes

A seat cane is a folding cane that has a small seat in it. It can be used as a walking cane when closed and as a seat when you open it. If you need to have a short rest while walking, it’s a godsend.

Fashionable Canes

You can find fashion canes to match both your style as well as your physical needs. You will be able to find antique-style wooden canes with knob handles etc.

If you have an injury, these canes might not be suitable for you. Under these circumstances, you require more stability and balance.

This does not mean that you have to give up on style, however. Even orthopedic cane made from aluminum will often have many choices in color and patterns.

Hemi Walker

Hemi Walker is not the same kind of cane as the others. It’s meant for slow, deliberate steps for those who need extra support as it’s very stable, and safe to lean on.

It’s a good option when you are afraid of falling over. For example, if you have a stroke, your other leg and arm might be so weak that you lean to one side. If you still can stand and move, this extra stability might be helpful.


You can get a hand loop for the cane to keep it with you, so you don’t have to bend over to pick it up from the floor.

If you want to stay safe at night, you can use a walking stick with a led light.

Adjust the Height of a Cane

A walking cane can easily be adjusted to match your height:

  • Stand up nice and tall with a normal posture.
  • Let your hand hang straight down.
  • Put the cane beside you.
  • Line the handle with the crease of the wrist.
  • Adjust the height of a cane. Typically you just press the locking pins in and twist until they’ve reached the desired position. 
  • Then fine-tune inch up or down if needed according to how much you lean on it. It’s always a personal preference.

A cane that is too low makes you lean forward and causes extra pressure on your body. A cane that is too high might bother your shoulder and cause unnecessary pain.

Which Hand Should You Hold the Cane?

You should hold your cane on the opposite side of your weaker leg. Move the cane in sync with the affected leg. 

Each time you step with the affected leg, move your cane as well. Keep your cane in place when you step forward with the unaffected leg.


What is the price range of canes?

Prices vary between basic models and those with unique features, but aluminum canes typically cost $20 to $50. A wooden cane costs less than an aluminum one.

What proportion of your weight should the cane support?

You can support around 25% of your weight with a cane.

How much weight can a cane hold?

220 – 500 pounds (100 – 225 kilograms) depending on the type of cane, typically around 250 – 350 pounds (115 – 160 kilograms). Your cane doesn’t need to bear all your weight, as they add an extra point of contact to provide stability and support.

How much do the canes typically weigh?

0,5 – 2,2 pounds (250 – 1000 grams)

What is the typical length of a walking cane?

The cane’s height is typically adjustable between 28″ and 37″ (75 – 95 centimeters). 

Approximate user height for this is 4’9″ – 6’5″ (145 – 195 centimeters).

Canes are used for many reasons, but what is the main reason for using one?

A foot or leg injury. Mild balance problems. Pain in the knees and hips, especially on one side. 

How does a cane differ from a walking stick?

Canes are assistive mobility devices designed to help with stability and support issues. The handle of a cane is usually bent or curved so that the user can lean on it.

Walking sticks are meant for hikers that need support on uneven terrain. They typically have a vertical handle, and they are taller, as they are not meant to support your weight, just to give stability.

Is it possible to use a walking stick instead of a cane?

Walking sticks are usually insufficient for users who require more support. 

But using a stick can relieve some of the pressure on the shoulder, so it might be better if you don’t need that much support. 

See what you prefer and test them out for yourself.

Can I take a walking cane on the flight?

Most airlines allow you to bring the necessary mobility devices to the cabin, such as a walking cane.

Our Verdict

Whether you are looking for a walking cane for you or a loved one, it’s essential to find a cane that is confident to use daily. HurryCane Freedom Edition is the best overall cane for daily activities.

It is a good idea to learn as much about this subject as you possibly can. Talk to your physician to determine how you can have the best support for your unique needs. This way, you can ensure that you will make the right decision when choosing the best walking cane. 

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