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No matter what age you are, regular physical activity can improve your life.

Mobility Devices

How to Charge a Dead Wheelchair Battery? (Tips on How To Charge Up)

Are you having trouble with your wheelchair battery? While there could certainly be different malfunctions impeding you from using it as usual, maybe it’s just the battery. However, saying just the battery isn’t as simple as it sounds. A wholly drained wheelchair battery can’t be charged just by plugging it into a wall socket, unfortunately….


Can Electric Wheelchairs Get Wet? Exploring Moisture Risks

If you’re concerned about what could happen if your electric wheelchair gets wet, you’re not alone. Water can potentially harm both the electrical components and the frame of your wheelchair. In this blog post, we’ll offer guidance on how to handle such a situation and share practical tips to help safeguard your mobility device from…

Exercise & Fitness

Elliptical vs Bike For Seniors – Which Is Better When We Age?

Did you know that elliptical machines burn around 15% more calories than stationary bikes? We didn’t a while ago, but this university called Harvard says so. In this blog post, we will help you explore the benefits and considerations when looking at elliptical vs bike as you age. After a quick read, you’ll be able…


What Are Best Hobbies For Seniors? 10 Best Hobby Ideas

Retirement is a golden period that offers ample time to pursue interests and hobbies you love. Yet, finding engaging pastimes can sometimes prove challenging for seniors.  This guide offers 10 fantastic hobby suggestions perfectly suited to your lifestyle and preferences as a retired adult. Key takeaways The list is full of fun experiences that renew…

Exercise & Fitness

Is Walking Around The Mall Good Exercise? Exploring The Benefits

Have you ever asked yourself “is walking around the mall good exercise”? It’s not just convenient; it’s a breeze to access, making it a perfect choice for people of all ages, especially seniors or those who prefer a nice, level surface for their walks. But there’s more! Beyond the physical perks, it’s an excellent opportunity…


Elderly Talking To Themselves: Should You Be Concerned?

As we age, certain changes in behavior may surface, leaving loved ones questioning if they should be concerned. One of these behaviors is elderly individuals talking to themselves. While this can be a normal aspect of aging, it’s essential to understand when self-talk might signal an underlying issue.  In this blog post, we will explore…