Elliptical vs Bike For Seniors – Which Is Better When We Age?

Did you know that elliptical machines burn around 15% more calories than stationary bikes? We didn’t a while ago, but this university called Harvard says so. In this blog post, we will help you explore the benefits and considerations when looking at elliptical vs bike as you age. After a quick read, you’ll be able…

Is Walking Around The Mall Good Exercise? Exploring The Benefits

Have you ever asked yourself “is walking around the mall good exercise”? It’s not just convenient; it’s a breeze to access, making it a perfect choice for people of all ages, especially seniors or those who prefer a nice, level surface for their walks. But there’s more! Beyond the physical perks, it’s an excellent opportunity…

Senior Fitness Test: Take the Test To See How Fit You Are

As we age, maintaining our physical fitness becomes increasingly important for living a healthy and fulfilling life. A key tool to determine your current fitness level is the Senior Fitness Test – designed specifically for adults aged 60 and over. This comprehensive assessment measures various components of functional fitness such as strength, endurance, flexibility, agility,…

Active Aging: Tips for Staying Active and Energetic in Old Age

Active Aging: Tips for Staying Active and Energetic in Old Age

Staying active in old age is essential, as it can prevent a variety of illnesses. Furthermore, you can increase your stability and reduce the risk of falling.

Inactivity is one of the leading causes of disease and disability. You can add physical activity to your life in many ways – those starting from scratch gain the most.