Do Mobility Scooters Need Insurance? (Does Home Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?)

Mobility scooters are prone to damage, malfunctions, and theft. This leaves many people wondering if insurance is worth it or do mobility scooters need insurance. 

Insurance can be tricky, as mobility scooters cannot get insured like automobiles since they don’t drive on roads.

However, there are some options to choose from if you need peace of mind or feel concerned about possible future damage.

Let’s examine whether or not your scooter needs insurance and what it may cover.

Do Mobility Scooters Need Insurance?

The short answer is typically no, but states sometimes ask or recommend getting liability insurance if you injure someone else. But, again, you will need to research your state’s specific requirements.

  • Currently, the United States does not explicitly require any mobility scooter owners to purchase an insurance policy for their scooters.
  • This again has to do with the fact that you are not driving these scooters on main roads along with automobiles, making extensive injury and damage less likely. 
  • While insurance isn’t necessarily required, getting a policy just in case could be a good idea.

Mobility scooters can range from $500 to $5,000, so insurance can help cut some of the repair and replacement costs down if something happens.

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What Does Mobility Scooter Insurance Do?

Mobility scooter insurance works a little similarly to automobile insurance. It covers damages and theft of the scooter and claims if you injure someone with your scooter.

It essentially helps you financially if something disastrous happens to your scooter, yourself, someone else, or someone else’s property.

Types of Mobility Scooter Insurance Available To You

Liability, accidental, and comprehensive insurance policies are the three primary types of mobility scooter insurance you can purchase to help calm your mind about financial worries. 

Coverage can vary depending on the insurance company and policy you choose.

Some companies might even combine liability, accidental, and comprehensive insurance to create full-coverage insurance.

You’ll need to discuss the specifics with an insurance provider in your area.

Liability Insurance

Liability mobility scooter insurance has to do with other people or someone else’s property, so you can protect yourself from going into debt.

This type of insurance will cover medical bills for the person who may get injured from your scooter and repair damages if you damage someone’s personal property, such as:

  • Their car or other types of automobiles
  • Their house
  • Any other personal belongings that have value

Accidental Insurance

Accidental or collision insurance typically covers damage that occurs to your mobility scooter due to a crash involving someone else.

If someone backs their car into your scooter and causes damage, this insurance can help with repairs and replacements.

Accidental insurance typically covers damages without any regard to whose fault it was.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance can help you financially when it comes to theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and other types of damage caused by something non-collision-related. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?

Some home insurance policies do cover your mobility scooter. However, this coverage is dependent on your policy’s fine print. 

With a typical home insurance policy, the insurance company will cover things such as the following:

  • Damage to your home and belongings by fire, hail, hurricanes, and other issues stated within your specific insurance policy
  • Damage and theft of your personal possessions

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Since your mobility scooter is a personal possession, it could fall under the covered category. You can be reimbursed if your mobility scooter is damaged by the disasters listed in your policy or stolen from your home. 

Depending on your home insurance policy, your insurance company will typically cover up to 70% of the insurance value you have on your house.

Concluding Thoughts

Insurance can be confusing and quite daunting, especially with mobility and disability equipment. Mobility scooters aren’t cars, but there is still a possibility for damage or injury.

So, do mobility scooters need insurance?

  • Luckily, as of right now, states aren’t requiring that you obtain insurance policies for your mobility scooter.
  • While this is great for your wallet, you should still consider getting a policy to quiet your mind and protect yourself financially.
  • However, you might be off the hook if you have a home and purchased home insurance.

Some home insurance policies have the power to cover damages to your mobility scooter, but you need to talk with your insurance agent to figure out if this applies to you. It VARIES between policies.

Either way, it’d be a good idea to contact a mobility insurance company to discuss your options and ensure you, your mobility scooter, and others can have financial protection that doesn’t come straight from your pocket.

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