How Long it Takes to Charge an Electric Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs have created a world of freedom for those with mobility issues. However, not everyone has the strength to roll a wheelchair, so electric wheelchairs have filled a need.

Like many other electronic devices, electric wheelchairs must be charged regularly – primarily if the chair receives routine use.

With the many options available, you may wonder how long it takes to charge an electric wheelchair, in addition to chair maintenance requirements. 

That is where we come in. If you need a little more help choosing from electric wheelchairs, let us help you answer any of your questions.

Benefits of an Electric Wheelchair

There are many benefits of using an electric wheelchair over a manual one. 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that electric wheelchairs are much easier to operate than manual ones, especially for people with limited mobility.

Electric wheelchairs also allow people to travel at a much faster speed than they would be able to with a manual wheelchair, and many can use them on a variety of different terrain types. 

Additionally, electric wheelchairs typically have more features and options than manual wheelchairs, such as the ability to recline or tilt the chair, which can provide more comfort for the user. 

Many insurances, such as Medicare Part B, cover electric wheelchairs. These chairs may be expensive out-of-pocket but check with your insurance company for more information.

Finally, electric wheelchairs can be an excellent option for people who want to remain independent and mobile, as they provide a way to get around without relying on someone else to push them.

Disadvantages of an Electric Wheelchair

An electric wheelchair may sound like a slam dunk purchase for someone seeking more freedom and more power in mobility. However, there are some disadvantages. 

Electric wheelchairs can be expensive, and they require regular maintenance and charging.

Transporting the chairs can also be cumbersome and require purchasing special ramps and racks to move them in a car. 

Some models may better suit usage on rough or uneven terrain, so it is vital to understand how you will use the chair before you purchase it.

Additionally, electric wheelchairs can be less comfortable than manual wheelchairs. However, with comfort being a valuable part of the wheelchair experience, do not disavow the importance of comfort in one of these chairs.

Using an Electric Wheelchair for the First Time

Buying your first electric wheelchair comes with several caveats. First, you must locate an area to park the chair and charge it, so prepare your home before the chair arrives. 

Users must fully charge the device’s battery when their chair arrives before its first use. Generally, it is wise to charge the chair overnight. 

Your chair must also be in the off position during the charging process. Once the battery receives a full charge, turn the wheelchair back on and check to ensure it is working correctly.

Please consult the manufacturer or your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about charging your electric wheelchair.

How Long Does it Take To Charge the Chair?

Generally speaking, 6 to 8 hours is how long it takes to charge an electric wheelchair.

However, this time can vary depending on the type of wheelchair, the battery size, and the charger.

Many electric wheelchairs use deep-cycle batteries that need to be used and recharged several times before they can reach their full potential. 

Charging the chair during overnight hours is crucial for a full charge. 

How Much Electricity Does Charging an Electric Wheelchair Use?

Many electric wheelchairs use 12V batteries that can charge between 2 Amps and 8 Amps during the charging cycle. 

As a result of the Amp usage, charging an electric wheelchair can use 240 to 960 watts per charge.

Depending on the electricity rates in your area, you may be spending anywhere from $10 to $30 extra a month on your electricity bill to charge your chair nightly fully. 

The Bottom Line

Buying an electric wheelchair can be a freeing experience, but you may wonder how long it takes to charge an electric wheelchair and have questions about battery life.

Check with your insurance company about coverage and prepare your home ahead of time; then sit back and enjoy the newfound freedom an electric wheelchair can provide.

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