Fashionable Canes That Will Steal the Show

One of the reasons that walking around with a cane is not the greatest thing in the world is because they tend to be rather boring. In fact, it often seems that the more support you need, the more plain or lackluster the design is!

Fortunately, this is not a fate that you have to suffer as there are plenty of ready-made fashionable canes for you.

To find one that is going to suit your specific style takes some time but it is certainly worth the effort.

In the meantime, here are some stylish cane designs that could really appeal to you, regardless of your fashion sense:

1.      Harvy Derby Cane

Harvy Derby cane

This Harvy Derby cane works well for both men as well as women (check on Amazon).

It is available in lighter and darker wood, depending on your preference.

Now, it should be noted that this is not a weight-bearing, despite being a fashionable cane. Therefore, it is not something that you should opt for if you need a considerable amount of support.

That being said, one of the advantages of this cane – apart from its beautiful wooden design – is the derby handle. This works well for anyone that requires a bit more wrist care.

It is also a great deal more comfortable, especially if you will be using the cane for a long time. It is 36 inches long.

2.      Royal Canes Black Pearlz Cane

Black Pearlz Cane

If you are a classy lady then this Black Pearlz Cane will be just what you need to complement that evening gown.

This is more than just a fashionable cane, it is also an elegant one. The gorgeous black finish is supplemented by the delicate ring of rhinestones just below the cane’s handle.

Although it may not seem like it, the cane is actually made from lightweight aluminum. This means that it is strong as well as durable. In fact, this walking cane is capable of holding up someone who is up to 180lbs in weight.

To add to its usefulness, the shaft of the cane is also adjustable. It can be adjusted from a height of 29 inches to 38 inches, suiting a variety of individuals.

3.      SUN Walking Canes

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These fashionable canes come in a variety of designs and you will be able to find a match regardless of your taste.

For instance, if you are feeling a little wild, there are plenty of animal patterns to choose from. If you would rather be closer to nature, you have got lovely leaves and swirling clouds at your disposal.

Feeling like some plaid? Well, there are numerous checkered patterns of all sizes to choose from.

What’s really great about this selection of canes, however, is that they are really great walking aids as well. They are light, can support up to 250lbs, and also come with an adjustable height. You can choose from five different height settings.

The cane also folds up making it great for traveling or even storage.

4.      Royal Cane Blue Skies Cane

Blue Skies cane

What sets this Blue Skies cane apart from the others is the undeniable cheery feeling that you get whenever you see it.

The beautiful blue background is offset by the multitude of decorations flying through the air. Despite the color and design, the cane is not loud or flashy.

It is definitely something that will work well, regardless of the outfit that you are wearing.

The shaft is made of aluminum so you can certainly be reassured of it lasting you quite a while. The construction of the cane also means that it is capable of handling a little more weight as well.

The shaft is adjustable and petite individuals will find this cane especially useful due to these accommodating adjustments.

5.      Duro-Med Designer Folding Cane

Duro-Med walking cane

If you are looking for a fashionable cane that functions as well as a medical cane then this Duro-Med walking cane is the one for you.

There are three main styles to choose from this set. You get to select from beige floral, blue ice, and blue cyclone.

These canes are ideal for someone who wants a bit of flair but does not want to make too much of a statement.

Despite the delicate appearance, this really is quite the hardy walking cane. Made from anodized aluminum, this walking cane is actually able to hold up about 250lbs of weight.

Not to mention that it can be adjusted in one-inch increments or decrements. As such, you are able to find the perfect height for you.

The cane also is folded which means that you can take it wherever that you go.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the choices that you have. There is a wide variety of fashionable canes that you can peruse through.

Don’t feel as though you have to be stuck with something that is boring and understated, your perfect match is waiting for you.

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