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Why There Are Different Canes for Men and Women?

When buying a new walking cane, you will find some differences between canes for men and women.

You may want to know why retailers claim certain canes are better suited for males or females. Does that matter, as many models are marketed as unisex. Choosing the best walking cane is essential for older adults, male or female, so let’s find out.

What makes a cane so different for men and women? Here are some reasons why they differ.

What is the Difference Between Walking Canes for Men and Women?

Different canes are used for different purposes. Here is the list of ways you can differentiate between walking canes for men and women.

1. Weight

Many older women find it difficult to handle a heavy wooden cane, and they are best suited to men.

As wooden walking canes are carved from strong wood, some of them are very heavy. A good cane, on the other hand, should be comfortable to hold and move with while walking without feeling tired. 

As a result, heavier wooden canes are best suited to people with a muscular physique. 

As an example, this handmade cane by Asterom weighs about 1 pound (450 grams). That isn’t much for a handmade wooden cane! 

However, when compared with this lightweight foldable aluminum DMI cane, which weighs only 0.25 pounds (250 grams), that’s a lot.

Handmade Ergonomic Wooden Walking Cane for Men and Women - Stylish Derby Oak Wood Cane Fancy Walking Stick
DMI Walking Cane, Walking Stick, Foldable Canes for Men, Walking Cane for Women, Walking Sticks for Seniors, Foldable Mobility and Daily Living Aids, Adjusts from 33-37, Floral

2. Design

Several walking cane manufacturers offer a wide range of wooden cane designs for both men and women.

You will find feminine designs, including carvings of butterflies or flowers. Since these canes are designed after surveying women’s preferences, these canes are developed to appeal to females.

Similarly, several men prefer a wooden cane that matches their unique style; therefore, they are categorized as men.

For example, a contoured handle on a walking cane will easily fit an older woman’s hand. On the other hand, a derby handle is well-suited for older men.

Extra Long, Super Strong Derby Walking Cane (Denim-blkbeech)
RMS Left Hand Walking Cane with Palm Grip Orthopedic Handle - Adjustable Offset Cane to Fit Individual's Palm Naturally - Ideal for Anyone with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Left Hand)

3. Color

Most of the wooden canes are sold in shades of brown. However, you may find walking canes in aluminum in a variety of vivid and pastel shades.

Many retailers tend to associate colors such as pink, red, and purple as feminine shades. On the other hand, grey, blue, and black is associated as masculine shades.

These color associations do not restrict men and women from choosing their perfect shade as they only represent the preferences of most customers.

HealthSmart Folding Walking Cane Collapsible Walking Stick - Adjustable Medical Foldable Cane for Men and Women - Contoured Handle, Gray
Switch Sticks Walking Cane for Men or Women, Foldable and Adjustable from 32-37 inches, Carnival


Choosing the perfect walking cane is crucial for older men and women. Many women prefer carrying a fashionable cane with a floral print to appear stylish yet elegant.

On the other hand, several men have their personal choices while buying a walking cane. For example, older men may gravitate towards a checkered walking cane.

Therefore, instead of letting a label hold you back, it is best to consider a cane you are comfortable with.

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