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Quad Canes – Everything You Need to Know About Them

Quad canes are walking canes that have bases that are quite different from more traditional canes.

Instead of ending in a single point, these walking canes have a four-pronged base. Each foot on this base is capped off with rubber tips.

These walking canes are typically recommended to individuals who require an increased amount of support and stability.

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Best Quad Canes

To help you narrow down the options that are available to you, here are some of the best quad canes on the market:

RMS Quad Cane

RMS Quad Cane

This is one of the most stable cane designs around. The RMS Quad Cane is not the lightest quad cane, but it still weighs only one and a half pounds. This makes it fairly easy for individuals with some strength to carry it around without feeling any discomfort or getting tired.

Another advantage of this walking cane is that it is suitable for those of varying heights and weights. The cane can be adjusted to suit someone as little as 4’11 or as tall as 6’2.

It can also support weight up to 250 pounds.

The handle has an offset design and a grip that is composed of soft foam. This is great if you have sore joints and need extra cushioning.

It has also been designed to be incredibly safe. Each of the base feet is tipped with rubber that is slip-resistant.

It has a large 4-pronged quad base, which you can turn for left or right-hand use.

With its larger base, this cane is intended for slow, deliberate steps, but it is also very stable.

Hugo Mobility Quadpod

Hugo Mobility Quadpod

If you are looking for a small-based quad cane that also offers a lot of support, then the Hugo Mobility Quadpod is certainly the one.

Its aluminum profile is just 1.4 pounds. This is largely due to the cane tip, which is more compact and lighter than most other canes in this category.

This does not mean, however, that it is incapable of withstanding a great deal of pressure. The Quadpod has the ability to support someone who weighs up to 300 pounds.

It can also be used by those who range in heights from about 5 feet to about 6’5. There are twelve different height settings between this range.

The final touch on this cane is the handle. Not only is it ergonomic, but it is also shock absorbing. Therefore, it will prove to be quite useful when traversing across rougher or harsh terrain.

The walking cane is also capable of standing upright, of its own accord.

The HurryCane Quad Cane

HurryCane Quad Cane

The HurryCane Quad Cane has created quite a name for itself and has quickly become one of the most preferred canes around.

The base on this walking cane is quite innovative. It pivots, allowing the user to tackle more varying terrain than with other canes. In particular, it makes it easier to climb uphill.

It will also support body weight up to 350 pounds. Despite this, it weighs just a little bit over a pound.

There are eight different height options, and the shaft can be increased from about 30.5 inches to 37 inches.

The HurryCane is can also stand on its own.

However, one of the standout features of this cane is that you can easily fold it up. This is quite a novel feat for quad canes and makes it really great for traveling with.

The Purpose of Quad Canes

There are several reasons why someone might be asked to use a quad walking cane.

1. The most common reason is if someone is particularly unsteady on their feet. As this type of walking cane has four points of contact with the ground, it provides greater stability. Therefore, it allows people who are quite frail to gain a little bit more independence.

2. Some of the scenarios in which individuals might be prescribed such a cane is when recovering from a stroke. Depending on the severity of the stroke, it is quite common to have to overcome weakness and imbalance.

In such an instance, this cane comes in quite handy. Those who are regaining their strength after hip replacement surgery tend to benefit from using this type of cane.

In essence, there are many cases in which a doctor, surgeon, or physiotherapist may decide that a quad cane would be quite useful.

3. Oftentimes, individuals who are overweight are also instructed to use this walking cane. This is because it is quite efficient at being able to take a greater amount of pressure.

This, again, is due to the base, which allows for the weight to be distributed equally. As such, those who have issues with their weight might find it easier and safer to walk with this cane.

4. Last but not least, these canes have been proven to be quite helpful when it comes to rough or uncertain terrain.

For instance, if someone tends to walk on uneven surfaces or the ground, they may find greater reliability with the four-footed base.

It can be used outdoors as well as indoors to ensure steadiness.

Types of Bases

Quad canes are equipped with one of two types of bases. They either have narrow bases or wide bases.

A doctor or physical therapist will determine which type of cane is best, depending on just how strong and stable a patient is.

If the individual has only minimal problems when moving about, then a narrow base may be prescribed. In particular, if someone tends to have a little strength, they are usually relegated to a narrow-based cane.

If the physical problems are a little more severe, then physicians may feel that a wide base is better for the person in question.

One of the issues may be that the person does not have much strength in their limbs. Or, they may find it difficult to walk steadily without considerable support.

A medical expert will be the best determinant regarding which base to use.


Quad canes are typically made of stainless steel. This material is ideal for being able to withstand and undergo great amounts of pressure.

Therefore, those using stainless steel walking canes can comfortably settle their weight onto the cane.

Furthermore, this type of material is often resistant to corrosion and other types of damage. This makes it perfect for different types of uses, weather, and terrain. It is also much more likely to last a longer period of time.

For certain canes, the base might be made of a different material than the shaft.

If the cane is designed to be a little more durable, it may consist of a chrome-plated steel base. More often than not, the shaft and base are made of the same substance.

There are several instances in which these types of walking canes do differ, however.

Weight restrictions

One of these is with the amount of weight that each cane is capable of safely supporting. As mentioned, these canes are quite good at being able to take more weight. Nonetheless, some canes are better at this than others.

For the most part, however, most quad canes can support about 250 pounds to about 300 pounds of weight.

There are ones that have been specially designed for individuals battling obesity or other weight-related issues. These are capable of taking between 500 pounds to 700 pounds of weight.

Before purchasing one of these canes, it is important to see just how to weigh each cane is capable of taking.


As with most walking canes, the shafts of quad canes can easily be adjusted.

This is often done with the push of a button. There are discrepancies between how much each of these canes can be adjusted, nonetheless.

In most instances, the canes can be used by individuals who range in heights from 5’0 to about 6’3.

For individuals who are a little shorter or taller than most people will have to look for specially customized canes. These, too, can be easily located in most physical or online stores.


The final area of comparison is the handle.

First, handles tend to differ in the type of material that they are composed of. The most prevalent ones are the cushioned grips. These tend to be made of foam.

However, it is also quite easy to find ones with a gel grip composed of silicone rubber. To a certain degree, vinyl grips are also available.

Some handles have been designed to be either ergonomic or orthopedic.

This means that they are meant for individuals who have wrist issues. These handles make it easier for those with weaker wrists to manage their walking canes.

Choosing a Right Quad Cane for You

Even among quad canes, there are many different options to choose from. There are numerous manufacturers, designs, and a variety of features to select from.

The first thing you can do is follow these steps to decide which walking cane is best for you.

More often than not, your doctor will provide you with certain specifications that you should follow when purchasing a walking cane.

However, if you are looking for stability and do not have a medical condition, you may be a little more confused about which one to pick.

1. Handle orientation – Some basic things you should be considering are things such as handle orientation.

For instance, is the cane handle suitable for both the right hand and the left hand?

Some canes can be easily used by someone proficient with either hand. Others, however, can only be used by someone who is either right-handed or left-handed.

2. Height – Another point to consider is that the shaft can be adjusted to a suitable height for your individual requirements.

3. Weight – The same rule also applies to your particular weight. If certain medical conditions limit the strength available in your hands or wrists, then orthopedic handles are the best.

There is so much that you may need to learn about the best walking canes. However, if you are looking for a quad cane, this article should provide you with all of the insight you require.

With this guide, you will find the walking cane that is best suited to your body and your walking needs. In just a short time, you will be able to be walking around as well as before.

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