Cane Holder: How to Prevent Your Cane To Fall

Walking canes are challenging to put away and often fall to the floor. The cane holder enables you to hang your device from a table or counter.

Crutcheze Cane Holder is our favorite and also Amazon’s Choice for cane holders.

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If you need your walking cane to move around, what do you do with it when you stop? Where do you put your device when you need both hands free? 

With a cane holder, you can hang your device safely from a table.

Most of the canes, particularly ones with a single base, cannot stand by themselves. If you lean them against another surface, they will easily fall over.

Now, this can be frustrating for two main reasons:

  • When a cane falls to the ground, it can break.
  • You must bend over when picking it up, which can be risky if you aren’t steady on your feet.

To prevent your stuff from falling over and getting damaged, we have the perfect solution: a cane holder. A cane holder allows you to hang your device from a table or counter without worrying about it falling.

The Best Cane Holders to Buy

While there are many different holders to choose from, not all of these pass muster. There are many that simply do not do what they claim.

If you do not want to waste your money, you will be better off trying these tried and true accessories.

You will not go wrong with any of these purchases:

1) Flexible Cane Holder

Crutcheze Cane Holder

Crutcheze Holder is unique in its functionality. It resembles a flexible foam tie.

Wrap the tie around the shaft at the desired height. To hang your device, bend a hook to the tie. You can hang around a doorknob, chair, rail, or table. The hook can be wrapped back around the shaft so that it is not in your way.

Crutcheze Cane Holder

As a result, you can bend the tie whichever way you choose, so you can hook over a chair back or rest on a table edge. And it does not hinder you from using the cane for walking support.

Crutcheze Holder is Amazon’s Choice for cane holders.

It’s a great concept, but it’s not without its drawbacks. It might loosen up with use and time. And it may not work with heavy-duty canes that weigh 4-5 pounds.

2) Cane Holder for Table

NOVA Cane Holder

NOVA Cane Holder is the type that you fix to flat surfaces, particularly tables. It comes with a little pad attached that allows the holder to be stuck to your desired table surface.

Then, you just slip the stick in between the jaws. The jaws are quite flexible and therefore work well with shafts of many different sizes. When you are ready to go, you just pull the cane out and be on your way.

It is the perfect item to have in different places around your home. It is sure to come in handy.

However, this NOVA Cane Holder is not a miracle. It can be difficult to pull the spring open, but it isn’t tight enough to prevent some canes from sliding once installed. Additionally, the pad you put on the table is not sticky enough to hold it in place on every surface. Using nonslip tape can help you fix the sticky problem.

3) Cane Holder to Lean a Cane Against Wall

HealthSmart CaneStay

HealthSmart is known for designing some innovative obility products and the CaneStay is no exception.

The real advantage of this is that it easily clips onto your shaft. This means that you can keep it on without having to remove it. Then, when you need to use it, you simply prop it up on a table or any other flat surface.

This holder works well with walls as well. Simply rest it against the wall and you can be guaranteed that your device will not move.

The holder is made of textured plastic which ensures that it remains fixed to any surface that you want.

4) Cane Holder for Users with Reduced Muscle Strength

Ingrid cane holder

If you are looking for a holder that is useful as well as durable, then the Ingrid cane holder should be on top of your list.

It is composed of both stainless steel and thermoplastic rubber. This ensures that you can take it with you wherever you go. All you have to do is snap it onto your device.

The opening is capable of accommodating diameters from about ¾ inch to one inch.

Once the cane is strapped in, it is simply a matter of placing it wherever you choose. It works well on tables, over chair handles, and can even be affixed to your shopping cart.


When you are looking for a cane holder for your walking cane, there is one important thing to remember.

You will need to ensure that the circumference of the shaft fits snugly into the opening of the holder. 

Most holders have an opening that is about an inch in diameter.

A good way to ensure that your device will stay put regardless of the size is to get a holder that is flexible. If not, you should take the measurements of your shaft and compare them with the holder.

Another thing that you should consider is the material of the holder.

This holder should be compatible with staying put on surfaces made of a variety of materials. It is essential that the holder will remain fixed to the surface, regardless of what it is composed of.

The Bottom Line

You will realize that there are many times when you need to put your device down, for example, when eating out or going grocery shopping. Using a cane holder, you can store your device on a counter, desk, or table. Your helper is always right where you need it, whether you’re resting, working, or playing.

Is it worth setting your device down against a chair only for it to fall over and possibly chip or get damaged? With a cane holder, your cane is less likely to fall over, requiring you to bend and reach to pick it up. 

Regardless of whether you have only just started to use a walking cane or if you have been a user for a while, these holders will be ideal. They will certainly make having a mobility device a lot easier for you.

Never again will you have to dread the sound of your walking device hitting the floor.

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