How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Motorized Wheelchair?

Motorized wheelchairs make daily tasks easier for anyone with limited mobility. However, items like these can be PRICEY to purchase up-front or if you only need them for a short time. So how much does it cost to RENT a motorized wheelchair?

Can You Rent a Motorized Wheelchair?

Yes, you can rent a motorized wheelchair. 

Motorized wheelchairs (also called power wheelchairs, power chairs, or electric wheelchairs) can be helpful when used on a temporary or permanent basis. They are useful in places with high foot traffic and long distances, such as amusement parks. 

You can rent motorized wheelchairs from rental companies or medical supply stores across the country.

Some amusement parks rent them for the comfort of their visitors (but mainly, they rent either manual wheelchairs or mobility scooters).

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Motorized Wheelchair?

The cost of renting a powerchair vary greatly based on the company you choose, the model of the chair, the extra services you need, and the length of the rental period.

Renting a standard powerchair for a day will cost between $60 and $110. Prices will decrease substantially for longer rentals. 

The price for 3-days, for example, can be as low as $35/day. The daily rate for 2-weeks can be as low as under $20.

Heavy-duty powerchair rentals typically cost over $90 per day. For a 3-day period, the cost is around $45 per day. For 2 weeks, it is about $20 per day.

If you are interested in buying a standard-size powerchair, these are generally priced between $1000 and $3500.

Where to Rent a Powerchair?

A mobility device rental company is similar to a car rental company, but only for mobility devices. 

Some companies rent powerchairs from their own collections, while others facilitate peer-to-peer rentals. 

A powerchair rental company gives you the freedom and flexibility of a powerchair without spending thousands of dollars on acquiring, maintaining, and storing your own powerchair.

Renting a powerchair from these 3 companies online will be a breeze:

  • Easy to search for available mobility devices by location
  • Multiple locations for rentals (more than 2500 locations across North America)
  • Delivery option to your hotel, residence, venue, or cruise ship port
  • Easy to see the prices online
  • They also have a delivery and pickup service

  • Rental marketplace
  • Multiple locations for rentals around the USA
  • Search for powerchairs for rent by location or device type
  • Delivery option through their delivery partners
  • You can check the prices on their website

  • Rental marketplace
  • Only a few locations at the moment
  • A limited selection of mobility devices
  • Easy to check prices

If these sites do not match your requirements, you can also search for state and national rental providers at the Access Travel Center.

Why Rent a Motorized Wheelchair

Renting medical equipment, like powerchairs, can be a COST-EFFECTIVE way to get the support you need without making a large purchase. 

It is quite expensive to buy a motorized wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $18,000.

Many circumstances may require you to have a wheelchair to move around more freely. However, traditional models can be taxing to operate, especially when individuals do not have much upper body strength. 

Some reasons WHY an electric wheelchair can be a good option include: 

  • Better for indoor accessibility 
  • Easier to operate in comfort
  • Better for long distances or extended periods 
  • Operates on various terrains 

Better for Indoor Accessibility 

Motorized wheelchairs provide better accessibility indoors when compared to power scooters. 

Powerchairs are more compact and have a tighter turning cycle than mobility SCOOTERS.

You have less chance of bumping into items, and moving inside is more accessible.

A scooter’s turning radius is much larger, so it is challenging to maneuver inside small spaces.

Easier to Operate in Comfort 

Choosing a motorized wheelchair is a simple way to be more mobile. 

Often, vendors can fit the wheelchair to suit your appropriate height and weight for the most comfort. 

Many styles include hand controls on the armrests to minimize over-extending the arms and causing pain during its operation. 

Better for Long Distances or Extended Periods 

When comparing manual wheelchairs to motorized models, many individuals will see the benefits in multiple scenarios. 

For example, when you require a mobility device for traveling long distances or for extended periods, motorized options are more favorable than manually operating a wheelchair. 

Operates on Various Terrains 

Motorized wheelchairs have exceptional handling on various TERRAINS, making them more efficient than manual wheelchairs or mobility scooters (note that water can damage electric wheelchairs, so keep them out of the rain). 

In addition, you have four or six wheels and a low center of gravity, providing more stability. 

Benefits of Renting a Power Wheelchair

Not only does a power wheelchair provide the support you need during a time with limited mobility, but there are also several other benefits: 

  • Testing a specific wheelchair model 
  • Be more independent and mobile
  • Learn about its features
  • Gain hands-on experience 
  • Increase your comfort and reduce pain

Sometimes, renting a motorized wheelchair is an excellent way to test-drive a specific model and style. So have a test drive before making this significant purchase. 

This way, you can be sure to select the wheelchair that suits you best without any uncertainty. 

The Factors Affecting Powerchair Rental Prices

The cost of renting a motorized wheelchair will vary and depends on several factors, including: 

  • Your location
  • Rental time 
  • Wheelchair model 

Rental Time 

The lowest rate for a power wheelchair starts at approximately $30 a day in many locations. 

Many providers offer weekly discounted rates and come in at around $125. 

Many suppliers will provide long-term rates if you require a rental for more extended periods. 

Wheelchair Model 

There are three types of motorized wheelchairs you can find readily available for rental. 

The style of wheelchair you select will depend on their use and requirements. These models include: 

  • Travel or portable models: for car trunks or airplane cargo options
  • Full-sized styles: enhanced comfort and battery longevity
  • Heavy-duty options: larger weight capacity and better stability 

Here is more information about the different types of wheelchairs.

Tips for Renting a Motorized Wheelchair

When renting a motorized wheelchair, you should be aware of some specific elements to make the experience go smoothly. 

  • Ask what the exchange policy is
  • Inquire about rental insurance
  • Perform a visual inspection

Ask What the Exchange Policy Is

Sometimes you need to exchange a power wheelchair if there is a mechanical issue or it isn’t suitable for their needs. 

A typical motorized cart agreement allows certain exchanges.

Inquire About Rental Insurance 

Be sure to check with the vendor that the wheelchair includes insurance coverage before signing the contract. 

If the wheelchair sustains any damage, the costs could be substantial.

Perform a Visual Inspection 

Before renting a motorized wheelchair, check for any apparent problems or damage. 

Report these issues to the vendor to protect your security deposit. 

Taking PICTURES of the damage before accepting the rental and using the chair can also be helpful.

Wrapping Up 

Any time you rent medical equipment, you should ensure that it will suit your specific needs. 

The rental option is a terrific method when you need a short-term motorized wheelchair. Or before you make that significant purchasing decision. 

You can ensure you receive the best possible model and have a stress-free rental by being thorough.

Of course, when you rent a motorized mobility device, you need to charge it. If you are worried about how long it takes to charge an electric wheelchair, you can read more in our other article.

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