5 Times When a Walking Cane Turns Out To Be Useful

Are you having second thoughts about whether or not you should use a walking cane, despite your doctors’ orders?

If you are, you should know just how handy your walking cane really can be. In addition to helping you get around safely, it can also help prevent numerous injuries and falls.

Here are five times when you will be glad to have your walking cane around:

1) When You Are Alone

When you are surrounded by other people, you are able to use them as your personal escorts and leaning posts.

When you are on your own, however, things are a little different. You need to be able to get around, all by yourself.

Furthermore, you should avoid falls, as there will be no one to catch you. There won’t be anyone around to help you up either.

This is when safety becomes of utmost concern to you. You need to make sure that you can safely and easily move around, without the help of anyone else.

2) When You Are In Unfamiliar Territory

If you are at home, you may have developed a habit of using your furniture to guide you. You may even do this in other places that you feel comfortable.

However, what if you are in a mall or a brand new place? You are not used to these areas and you don’t have those familiar guiding posts.

In these instances, you will need something reliable, like your walking cane to help you get around. This way, you will be able to get around more safely.

3) When You Are On Uneven Ground

When you are indoors, for the most part, you can expect to only encounter smooth ground or floor. If you head outside or are planning to take a hike, the terrain changes quite drastically.

Here, you will have to deal with cracks, uneven stones, abrupt interruptions such as roots, or other barriers. It is here that you will need some support so that you can catch your balance.

Therefore, it is here that your walking cane will come in quite handy. It will help you maneuver the treacherous paths a lot more easily.

4) When You Are Trying to Heal

Sometimes, you have been advised to use a cane because you are attempting to recover from an injury or surgery. In these instances, there is a very good reason that you need to use your walking cane.

This is so that you will avoid putting undue weight or pressure on a muscle or bone that will be unable to cope with it. By not using your cane, you will actually be prolonging your healing period.

Even worse, you may actually be doing more damage to your body and making the problem a lot more serious.

5) When You Are Feeling Lazy

Let’s admit it, we have all had those days. When you are comfortably sitting in your favorite chair or are snuggled up in bed and you just don’t want to move.

When your walking cane is handy, sometimes you don’t have to.

Presto! Your walking cane can now be used to turn off the lights or a variety of other switches. By using the crook end, you can even bring things closer to you. The possibilities are endless!

The Botton Line

Well, there you go – here are five different situations where you can benefit from using a walking cane. If these apply to you, make sure to use your cane when needed.

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