How to Use Your Walking Cane as a Fashion Accessory

Fashion is a way to express your personality. Much like how you carefully choose your clothes, do your hair, or select your jewelry, you should be considering how to make your cane more stylish too.

Cane as a fashion accessory? Really? You may be asking. Yes, why not! 

You can use a cane to symbolize virility and vigor instead of help for weakness or handicap.

And if you’re going to use a cane every day, you’d better make sure it has some personality. 

Here are some of the ways that you can turn your walking gear into a fashion accessory:

Get a Personalized Grip

This is perfect for individuals who do not require all that much support and do not have wrist issues.

Here, you can get really creative with your walking cane grip. You can take a page out of the history books and have the grip turned into an animal of some sort. Perhaps a griffin, an owl, a snake’s head, or even a gargoyle.

You can choose a marble-topped, ball grip as well. As long as it is comfortable and does not add any stress to your wrist, you can be as unique as you want.

If you want to maintain some comfort, you can try an engraving further down, from the grip, where it joins the rest of the cane.

If you need to use an orthopedic or more medical grip, however, this does not mean that your options are limited. You can either dye the grip a different color or wrap it in some form of paper. If you are feeling particularly bold, why not douse it in glitter.

Get the Wooden Look

If you need quite a bit of support, odds are your doctor is probably going to recommend a metal cane. While these are incredibly useful, you may not like the metallic look. You may much prefer the look of a wooden cane.

Well, if this is the case there are two things that you can do.

One, there are many types of paint available that actually mimic the look of real wood. You can choose which one you like best and paint your stick.

If you do not want to go through so much trouble, there is also one-sided stick paper that serves the same function. You can simply cut out the necessary amount and wrap it around your cane. The benefit of the second option is that you can easily change the paper if you feel like a different pattern.

Add Interesting Accessories to the Cane

A wooden pattern is not the only design that you can get. You have all sorts of colors and patterns to choose from. Once again, you can either opt for paint or for the sticky paper – the choice is yours.

However, why stop there? Why not get some interesting walking cane accessories to wrap around your cane?

For instance, you could try a feather boa, some sort of garland, or anything that you like. It is all about matching your cane’s look with your personality.

As such, you can choose to do something more subtle or something more exciting, depending on what you are like.

Dress Around the Cane

If you are ever feeling gloomy about the fact that you have to use a walking device, why not pretend that it is a part of your costume?

Throw on a waistcoat, some fancy pants, shiny shoes, and maybe even a top hat, and a fashionable cane.

Voila! You and your cane look perfectly compatible. At the very least, you will get some admiring glances or give others something to smile about for a day.

These are only a handful of the ways that you can really make your cane look good and stand out. Your only limit is your imagination.

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